Workplace Related Accident and Injuries

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Work Related are the most serious cause of long term disability.  Employers who disregard safety of workers and general public cause enormous loss of work productivity as well as life changing events for the victims.  Personal Injury Attorney cannot go back in time and undo the injury.  However a good and experience personal injury attorney can represent you or your loved one and hold the Employer responsible for the cause of pain and suffering and disability of the worker.

Laws in each state vary.  This is why it is important to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

  • Work-Related Injuries and Other Incidents Work-related injuries are defined as personal injuries arising due to an accident at work or a disease (illness) arising due to long-term exposure to harmful factors at work (e. g. chemicals, noise and body strain).
  • Near-miss incidents are defined as incidents that could have directly led to an accident or damage to the installation.
  • The company in-charge of operating the installation, must register the following: any accident or fatality occurring on the installation any significant damage to the structure or equipment of the installation and near-miss incidents.
  • In addition, the employer liable to provide protection must report the:
    • Fatal accidents
    • Any accident resulting in an incapacity to work for one or more days beyond the injury date.
  • Moreover, the principal employer must report the following: Near-miss incidents involving a risk of fatality and serious personal injury.
  • Doctors or dentists must report work-related diseases and the consequences of industrial injuries.
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