Dog Bite Accidents and Injuries

[tab name=”Dog Bite Accidents and Injuries”] Dog Bite injury has elements of both pain and suffering.  The victim is usually left traumatized for the rest of the life.  Once bitten, twice shy is not just a phrase for books; it is real life.

A good personal injury attorney can help you or your loved ones.  The injury or the pain cannot be reversed but the owner should be held liable for this negligence so that others are not victims of this kind of reckless action.

  • Legal responsibility for damages resulting in these attacks by dogs is generally considered under Personal Injury Law and referred to as torts.
  • Personal injury laws are enacted to prevent harm or to compensate for harm to a person or property.
  • That harm or injury may consist of physical, mental or financial damages.
  • The physical injury due to a dog or animal bite may even be secondary to the mental injury to a person who has been victimized to the extent of permanent scarring and disfigurement.
  • The owner of a dog or an animal shown to be a prior danger is strictly liable for the injuries caused by the dog or animal.
  • The owner of a wild animal is strictly liable for harm arising from the dangerous characteristic of wild animals of its class.
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