No-Fault Car Accident Laws in New Jersey

Money Damages

This is com­pen­sa­tion for injuries to pay for med­ical expens­es, loss of pay due to not being able to work and pain and suffering.

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Up to $250,000.00 Personal Injury Protection

Get imme­di­ate med­ical atten­tion for your injuries close to your home or work; if eligible.

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Emer­gency med­ical trans­porta­tion to hospital

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Your med­ical care prescriptions

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Lost Wages Due To Car Accident

Mon­ey you may recov­er for time missed from work.

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If you are unable to dri­ve for med­ical treat­ment, your trans­porta­tion is paid by insurance.

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Property Damage

Law enti­tles you to get full val­ue for your prop­er­ty damages.

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Car Rental

New Jer­sey is a No-Fault State. Under­stand the No-Fault Rules.

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A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help The laws on personal injuries as a result of car accidents can be complicated. Additionally, the facts of each case are unique. Time is of the essence. The burden of proving negligence is on the injured party. An attorney may have to provide evidence from several sources, requiring expert witnesses, to prove that a driver wrongfully caused your injuries. An experienced car accident attorney can review the facts and determine the best way to prove your case.

What is Your Case Worth?

Here’s every­thing you need to know to arrive at a dol­lar val­ue for your car acci­dent claim.

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Car Accident Settlements

Chances are, your car acci­dent case will set­tle rather than be resolved in court!

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How an Attorney Can Help With Your Car Accident Claim?

Learn how an expe­ri­enced lawyer can be cru­cial to get­ting a sat­is­fac­to­ry res­o­lu­tion to your claim.

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Is Pain and Suffering Awarded in a “Minor” Car Accident?

Even after a seem­ing­ly minor crash, your claim will like­ly include a “pain and suf­fer­ing” component.

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Accident Lawsuit Funding

Cash advance with­in 24 hours of get­ting your case documentation.

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No-Fault Car Insurance and State Laws

New Jer­sey is a No-Fault State. Under­stand the No-Fault Rules.

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