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Woman Settles for $2 Million

A woman who suffered back injuries after falling in an icy parking lot agreed to a $2 million settlement of her Monmouth County, New Jersey slip-and-fall law suit.

$148,000 Verdict

An auto-parts deliveryman, exited the apartment he rented in Garfield, New Jersey.   As he left, he slipped and fell on a patch of ice on the property's exterior walkway. He claimed serious ankle injuries.

Money Damages

This is the cash you may receive for your pain and suffering for your Slip & Fall Injuries.

Lost Wages

Money you may recover for time missed from work due to Slip & Fall Injuries you suffered.

Medical Treatment

Immediate medical attention for your Slip & Fall Injuries convenient to you.

Cash Advance

For your Slip & Fall Injury Case, possible cash advance on your case from a Legal Funding Company.


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