Speech Therapist: What is a Speech Therapist?

Speech Therapist: What is a Speech Therapist?

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Who is a Speech Therapist?
Why get­ting med­ical atten­tion right after after a car acci­dent is so import?

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Speech Therapy and Car Crash Video

Speech Therapy and Car Crash

Trau­mat­ic brain injury is usu­al­ly the result of a sud­den, vio­lent blow to the head — which caus­es the brain to col­lide with the inside of the skull. This col­li­sion can bruise the brain, tear nerve fibers and cause bleed­ing. The sever­i­ty of trau­mat­ic brain injury can vary great­ly. A mild trau­mat­ic brain injury may cause tem­po­rary con­fu­sion and headache, but a seri­ous one can be fatal.

The brain is the con­sis­ten­cy of gelatin. It’s cush­ioned from every­day jolts and bumps by the cere­brospinal flu­id in which it floats inside the skull. A vio­lent blow to the head can cause the brain to slide force­ful­ly against the inner wall of the skull. Even the sud­den stop of a car crash can bounce the brain against the skull. This can result in bleed­ing in or around the brain and the tear­ing of nerve fibers.

If a per­son has suf­fered a blow to the head, he/she should always be exam­ined by a physi­cian. Emer­gency med­ical care should be sought if signs and symp­toms include:

  • Con­vul­sions
  • Weak­ness or numb­ness in the extremities
  • Repeat­ed vomiting
  • Slurred speech

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