Medical Malpractice Injuries

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Injury due to Medical Malpractice can vary in scope and liability.  A Personal Injury Attorney who is experienced in the understanding the nature of medical problems can help establish the liability.

  • We are available to handle medical malpractice cases that resulted in brain injury, spine injury, serious injury, or wrongful death of a family member.
  • Some examples of cases we are ready to handle include:
    • Failure to Diagnose: failure to diagnose cancer (lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer), failure to diagnose meningitis and bacterial infections
    • Misdiagnosis: misdiagnosis of cardiac arrest or heart attack, misdiagnosis of cancer, misdiagnosis resulting in a persistent vegetative state, lack of oxygen
    • Birth Injuries: cerebral palsy, respiratory failure, C-section error, lack of oxygen, fetal distress, birth malpractice, birth trauma
    • Emergency Room Errors: delay in treatment, failure to call in proper specialist CTI/MRI/X-Ray
    • Negligence: failure to treat something that appears in test, such as aortic aneurysm or tumor
    • Surgical Errors: infections, severed nerves, wrong-site surgery, eye injuries leading to vision loss, internal bleeding
    • Hospital Negligence: negligent acts by hospital staff, such as nurses or resident doctors (doctors-in-training)
    • Medication Errors: prescription errors, wrong medicine, overmedication, preventable allergic reaction to medication, blood clots.
  • Our knowledge and experience with the law is trusted not only by our clients but also by our peers.
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