Medical Malpractice Injuries

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Injury due to Med­ical Mal­prac­tice can vary in scope and lia­bil­i­ty.  A Per­son­al Injury Attor­ney who is expe­ri­enced in the under­stand­ing the nature of med­ical prob­lems can help estab­lish the liability.

  • We are avail­able to han­dle med­ical mal­prac­tice cas­es that result­ed in brain injury, spine injury, seri­ous injury, or wrong­ful death of a fam­i­ly member.
  • Some exam­ples of cas­es we are ready to han­dle include:
    • Fail­ure to Diag­nose: fail­ure to diag­nose can­cer (lung can­cer, colon can­cer, breast can­cer), fail­ure to diag­nose menin­gi­tis and bac­te­r­i­al infections
    • Mis­di­ag­no­sis: mis­di­ag­no­sis of car­diac arrest or heart attack, mis­di­ag­no­sis of can­cer, mis­di­ag­no­sis result­ing in a per­sis­tent veg­e­ta­tive state, lack of oxygen
    • Birth Injuries: cere­bral pal­sy, res­pi­ra­to­ry fail­ure, C‑section error, lack of oxy­gen, fetal dis­tress, birth mal­prac­tice, birth trauma
    • Emer­gency Room Errors: delay in treat­ment, fail­ure to call in prop­er spe­cial­ist CTI/MRI/X‑Ray
    • Neg­li­gence: fail­ure to treat some­thing that appears in test, such as aor­tic aneurysm or tumor
    • Sur­gi­cal Errors: infec­tions, sev­ered nerves, wrong-site surgery, eye injuries lead­ing to vision loss, inter­nal bleeding
    • Hos­pi­tal Neg­li­gence: neg­li­gent acts by hos­pi­tal staff, such as nurs­es or res­i­dent doc­tors (doc­tors-in-train­ing)
    • Med­ica­tion Errors: pre­scrip­tion errors, wrong med­i­cine, over­med­ica­tion, pre­ventable aller­gic reac­tion to med­ica­tion, blood clots.
  • Our knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence with the law is trust­ed not only by our clients but also by our peers.
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