Up to $250,000 in med­ical ben­e­fits.
Have you been injured in an auto­mo­bile acci­dent in New Jer­sey?  You are enti­tled to med­ical care regard­less of who is at fault.  These ben­e­fits from an auto insur­ance com­pa­ny help you pay for ambu­lance, hos­pi­tal, pre­scrip­tions, your lost time from work and your med­ical treat­ment.  To help you get bet­ter and to pay for these ben­e­fits, you must get eval­u­at­ed by a med­ical pro­fes­sion­al as soon as pos­si­ble after the acci­dent.

Types of Injuries
There is a range of injuries you can suf­fer as a result of a car acci­dent, either as a pas­sen­ger or dri­ver.

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Directory of Providers
Locate expe­ri­enced med­ical providers who accept car insur­ance.

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Medical Benefits
Learn about the process and your med­ical ben­e­fits under No-Fault Laws of New Jer­sey.

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Pain or Discomfort?

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort due to the auto accident?

Legal Questions?

Speak to an experienced auto accident attorney now!