Chiropractic News: Foot Levelers Seabreeze custom orthotic flip-flop sets company sales record

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… history of the family-owned company. “I am personally committed to this plan and dedicated to our continued support of the chiropractic profession.”.

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March 2, 2015Foot Levelers, a leading provider of custom functional orthotics, points to the success of its Seabreeze custom flip-flop, which achieved the highest sales record upon launch of any product in the companys history.

The Seabreeze custom flip-flop exemplifies our focus on innovation and growth both domestic and international, Kent Greenawalt, chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers, said.With the addition of two new senior vice presidents and staff appointments, I expect to lead Foot Levelers in a sustainable and robust direction.Organic growth and acquisitions are a part of our aggressive 10-year plan to fuel expansion.

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