Jury Verdict News: Analysis: How Kenneth Kerrivan Struck a Blow Against Big Tobacco

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Despite the adverse rul­ing, Byrd and co-coun­sel Mar­tin Quinones, from the fir­m’s San Fran­cis­co office, eked out a $100,000 jury ver­dict. In the punitive …

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In the end, Ken­neth Ker­rivan helped bring Big Tobac­co to the set­tle­ment table. On Wednes­day, R.J. Reynolds, Philip Mor­ris and Loril­lard announced a $100 mil­lion set­tle­ment to end all future lit­i­ga­tion in fed­er­al court in the so-called Engle Prog­e­ny cases.

The sub­ject of a Scene cov­er sto­ry three weeks ago, Ker­rivan was the plain­tiff rep­re­sent­ed by local coun­sel from the firm Lieff Cabras­er in a suit against cigarette-makers.

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